The Drum Book by Jonathan Roseleth

The Drum Book by Jonathan Roseleth

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"The most complete, must-have drum book for any drummer or drum teacher!"

Due to the oversupply of didactic material and online videos, as a drummer (beginner or advanced) you sometimes do not know what to practice first.

With this book, Jonathan Roseleth gives you a handy guide to structure your practice session, get results faster, but most of all: have fun.

Through the comprehensive approach to theory, grooves, fills and rudiments, you will learn to apply countless variations in your drumming.

In short: the ideal book to practice with for years!

After its success in its local country, Vikory is proud to offer you its first version in English.

About the writer

"The idea for this book came about while teaching my students. I noticed that there was a need for a book that not only explains the basics of drumming, but also advanced theory, tips, exercises and grooves." Jonathan Roseleth

Jonathan is a versatile musician, educator and composer from Aalst, Belgium. In addition to private lessons in Het Drumhuis (Belgian school), he also gives drum clinics and group lessons. Jonathan is a drummer at VVYNN and ambassador of Vikory.