our drumsticks

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What is VIKORY ?

Don't we say that music is an expression of yourself ? Here at VIKORY we believe that so is your gear.

If you are a drummer, you probably noticed that when it comes to having drumsticks: either you buy high-quality sticks from famous brands and end up with the same product than everyone around you, or you try to find more original ones and end up with a crappy quality. Our offer to you is to try a new pair of drumsticks which has a unique design combined with the best quality. Which means you can still play with as much comfort and sensations but you, you get to be different with style ! How does that sound ?

Why is it different ?

Our drumsticks have a unique design combined with the best quality. The perfect combination of feeling, aesthetic and durability. In this purpose we meticulously choose a Hickory wood of premium quality. Everything is controlled from the origin of the wood to its moisture content.

Every single stick is put through a specific process so it has the attention it deserves, in order to make sure you can play with the best drumsticks you ever played with.

Its moisture content is precisely thought so that it absorbs most vibration of every single hit so you do not damage your cymbals or more importantly your wrists, but without bending under the strength of your arms.

Have you ever seen wood chips all over your drum set ? That is the result of a low quality wood which is way too dry. Our sticks take the hit without cracking as much as your usual ones.

AND it looks badass. Every pair of drumsticks we produce has a high quality colorful design that doesn't leave marks on your drum set and that doesn't erase with sweaty hands.

Our products are already available for pre-orders. You can actually check them out by clicking below.