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All Size Bundle

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Overwhelmed by the world of drumsticks? We've created this bundle to ease you in with the basics! It includes one pair of each drumstick size including 5A, 5B and 7A for a discounted price. All you need to do is pick what model you'd like us to send from the drop-down menu.

All Vikory drumsticks are made of premium American Hickory wood. It is set to a very specific moisture content to optimize the feeling and the longevity of the drumsticks. Each stick is partially handcrafted to get the attention it deserves, and each pair is matched by weight and pitch for an optimal drumming experience.

Size Guide :

7A= 394 X 13.7 mm

5A= 406 X 14.3 mm

5B= 406 X 15.3 mm


Subtitles available / Sous-titres disponibles / Subtítulos disponibles

“It's good to have a drumstick that has a real spirit... an identity. All the other drumsticks are a bit dull in my opinion.”
- Hugo Lecointre, Confirmed Drummer

“They're very well balanced and I've had a great feeling playing with them. I really didn't expect that.”
- Félix Gooris, Confirmed Drummer

“When you're just starting you want to play heavy and it can hurt your wrists after some drumming sessions. It's something that I didn't feel at all with these drumsticks. Which is great !"
- Marianne Vouters, Aspiring Drummer

“I've been using these sticks in studio, and I've been really enjoying using them. I find the studio environment perfect for them because I don't need to use as much force with the drums as I do on stage. I can play quite delicately and still get a good sound and balance from the sticks. I think these are my new favorite studio sticks. The artwork is also quite nice to look at while I'm playing. Well done!”
- Dylan Phillips, Half Moon Run