We make the best badass looking drumsticks you ever played with




We’re a bunch of drummers just like you, who decided to create their own drumming experience. We created Vikory to share this experience in the form of the most amazing and unique drumsticks we could build.

what drummers say about us

It's good to have a drumstick that has a real spirit... an identity. All the other drumsticks are a bit dull in my opinion.

Hugo Lecointre, Confirmed Drummer

They're very well balanced and I've had a great feeling playing with them. I really didn't expect that.

Félix Gooris, Confirmed Drummer

When you're just starting you want to play heavy and it can hurt your wrists after some drumming sessions. It's something that I didn't feel at all with these drumsticks. Which is great !

Marianne Vouters, Aspiring Drummer
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