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🚚 Livraison offerte dès 60€ d'achat 🚚


    Want to be part of the family?


    Before you take the time to complete the online application, we thought it might be a good idea to tell you how we see endorsements and the things we consider when deciding who to bring into the Vikory family or not.

    What ‘Endorsement’ means
    By its definition, an ‘endorsement’ means an artist fully commits to and swears by a particular brand. Which means the artist really believes that the brand's products are the best and only ones that he/she wants to play or use. The artist IS endorsing the company’s brand, not the other way around. The company just acknowledges that endorsement with an official relationship that will be mutually beneficial for both the artist and the company.

    • On the artist’s side, he/she will benefit from several advantages towards the company’s brand mentioned clearly in his/her endorsement contract.

    • On the company’s side, the public exposure of the artist is expected to drive more exposure of the brand and therefore more sales of the product.

    So how to get an Endorsement with Vikory?
    First of all, order and try our products. Seriously. If you don’t value our products, we can’t value a potential partnership with you.
    And if you do love it (which we are sure you will) then ask yourself what value you could bring to Vikory. It could be your musical personality, your YouTube subscribers and/or the multiple gigs and tracks on which you perform.

    If you do feel like we could build a strong and win-win relationship together, then please fill the application form below. If your profile catches our interest, then we will get back to you as soon as possible for the next steps.


    The Vikory Team


    Baguettes d'Exception.

    Chaque baguette sortant de nos ateliers est examinée pour garantir une expérience unique.

    Bois de Qualité.

    Nos baguettes sont fabriquées en hickory, un caryer blanc d'Amérique à la fois souple et dur.

    Livraison Gratuite.

    Livraison gratuite en France Métropolitaine pour toute commande supérieure à 60€.