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    Vikory Endorsement: Benjamin Balair

    Vikory Endorsement: Benjamin Balair
    Endorsement - Benjamin Balair.png

      Name: Benjamin Balair

      Country: France

      Status: Performer

      Favorite Sticks: Ananda in 5A






    When did you start playing the drums and why?

    I started playing at the age of 9. I had already practiced the snare drum for two years with a music teacher.

    As a child, I was always very attracted to music and percussion. Rhythm is something I was already particularly sensitive to at the time.

    On my 9th birthday, my parents took me to a music store and offered me the opportunity to choose and buy the instrument I wanted.

    My eyes quickly settled on a drumset well displayed in the store, the size and beauty of the instrument immediately amazed me.

    From that day on, it was like a revelation, the drums became for me a real playground and a real passion!

    What is your favorite type of music to play on the drums?

    Even if I am used to playing several different styles of music with my different bands (for me, not being locked into one style of music is important as a musician), I have to admit that rock is my favorite style of music!

    What is your single favorite band/artist and why?

    The first band that comes to mind is the Red Hot Chili Peppers: I really like their music and I love Chad Smith's playing style that perfectly mixes groove and power.

    Why did you choose Vikory?

    I was seduced by the unique design of the Vikory drumsticks, and the handling of the sticks is really comfortable for me!

    Any special anecdote about you as a drummer?

    We were doing a gig in a bar in Lille, France with one of my bands. Everything was going well, the atmosphere was very good and the audience extremely motivated!

    Then, I decided to play a particularly intense drum solo between two songs. People were screaming to encourage me so I continued... until the moment when, in the euphoria, one of my drum sticks hit my nose.

    I finished my solo with a nosebleed! I've always been told: the musician's first rule is to keep playing no matter what. That's what I did!

    What’s your favorite Vikory model and why?

    My favorite Vikory model is the Ananda in 5A. I love the design of these sticks: a mix of colors oscillating between fire and water, it's super cool!

    Moreover, the weight and balance of these sticks suit me perfectly!

    Thanks, Benjamin and welcome to the Vikory family!

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