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    Vikory Endorsement: Craig Horobin

    Vikory Endorsement: Craig Horobin
    Craig Horobin - Endorsement 1.png

      Name: Craig Horobin

      Country: United Kingdom

      Status: Performer

      Favorite Sticks: Kukulkan in 5B






    When did you start playing the drums and why?

    About 28 years ago, a friend of mine wanted to start a band and was struggling to find a drummer. So I decided to learn and I never looked back.

    What is your favorite type of music to play on the drums?

    Heavy Rock. Sticks, skins and cymbals have to work hard!

    What is your single favorite band/artist and why?

    Motley Crue. Tommy Lee always knows how to put a show in and not just sit there and play.

    Why did you choose Vikory ?

    I ordered some to try since I was fed up of breaking sticks from other brands! The sticks I have are holding up very well and are very strong. I love the weight and I have to say that I just love the designs!

    Any special anecdote about you as a drummer?

    Having supported the likes of Tigertailz, Rival Sons, The Damned, Warrior Soul, Eric Martin and Taking Daw.

    I have to admit that my personal favorite though was opening download 2010 the year that the mighty AC/DC headlined the show with a full-size train busting through the stage!!

    What’s your favorite Vikory model and why?

    My favorite model so far is the Kukulkan in 5B. The design immediately caught my eye and couldn’t wait to take delivery and play with these.

    What can I say… the wait was well worth waiting for! The balance, the weight and the strength of these sticks are unreal!

    These are the best sticks I have ever used and I am really honored to be part of the Vikory family!

    Thanks, Craig and welcome to the Vikory family!

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