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    Vikory Endorsement: Luc Smela

    Vikory Endorsement: Luc Smela
    Luc Smela Vikory Picture

      Name: Luc Smela

      Country: France

      Status: Performer

      Favorite Sticks: Alebrije in 7A






    When did you start playing the drums and why?

    I started to play the drums at the age of 5. My neighbour was a drummer and it intrigued me. After hearing him playing a lot I decided to take some lessons.

    My parents have always pushed me to play an instrument as I even took some bass and piano lessons. But the drums have always been my favorite.

    What is your favorite type of music to play on the drums?

    I started with Rock and Pop music but as time went by, I learned to appreciate all kinds of actual genres as well as Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop etc.

    I love to regularly launch some random playlist to make some new discoveries.

    What is your single favorite band/artist and why?

    My favorite band is... hard to choose. To name a few I would say Daft Punk, Muse, and Coldplay as these are bands that are still very contemporary despite their age and with an insanely diversified discography.

    Why did you choose Vikory?

    I have been playing with the same drumsticks for a long time and I've been disappointed since I could see its quality and durability declining over the years.

    I discovered Vikory as I was hanging on Instagram and I've been amazed by the design. It's only after sending them a message that I discovered they were actually a French brand! So I fell for it, and after using it I was so surprised by its balance and the longevity of the wood. It really holds the rimshots without cracking.

    Any special anecdote about you as a drummer? 

    The most insane project I have participated in was "WE LOVE ROCK'N'ROLL" in Evreux, France. A show with just about 1,000 musicians including 250 drummers.

    So many drum kits and drummers in a single show was so impressive and I had the chance to be a referee drummer.

    There was such a good atmosphere and just walking through these many different drum kits was outstanding as they were all mirroring different drummer personalities. It was truly magical.

    What’s your favorite Vikory model and why?

    My favorite model is Alebrije in 7A. This is the most colorful one in my opinion with very atypical patterns.

    Thanks, Luc and welcome to the Vikory family!

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